Can I import my players directly from ALTA?

We do have full ALTA import support for schedules, divisions standings and player verification. Unfortunately though we don’t have a “player import” feature — the big reason we haven’t created it yet is because ALTA doesn’t provide the player’s email addresses. To add your players, all you need is their email and first name — if they are already registered in TennisPoint they are good and the others just create a free account.

We do have on our development list a “bulk creation” form that pulls the players from ALTA and then gives you the form to enter their email — this probably won’t be completed and live for the spring season.

FYI, our ALTA player verification is meant to address captains accidentally playing players who are in TennisPoint but not on the team in which creates a point loss.

The great thing is once the players are in TennisPoint, adding them to new teams going forward is as easy as “checking” the user from your address book and adding them to the new team.

If you have a spreadsheet of your players, feel free to send it over and we will gladly import your players for you though.

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